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If this is your first time fishing, or you are new to fishing in our waters, you could not have found a finer place to 'catch what you've been missing!' Check out our Fishing Report

Fast-paced, wild and loaded with some of the most beautiful and fascinating natural wonders of the world, the Great Bear Rainforest is abundant with once-in-a-lifetime sightings. The countryside epitomizes sweeping landscapes and wilderness glamour. Be sure to learn more about our all-inclusive wilderness expedition vacation packages and our fly-in salmon & ecotour expedition all-inclusive trips.

For first time anglers, we have you covered with all the tackle and equipment that you'll need to land those raging tempered Pacific Salmon and Halibut. Our highly experienced guides will take you to their favorite spots and ensure that you are set up for the experience of a lifetime.

Sometimes explosive, always challenging, when you feel the first take with a fish on - you'll be certainly ready. The takes are often violent and some of these fish really put on a performance once they are hooked!  You will have all the confidence in reeling them in as we cheer you on! Our highly experienced guides will take you through all the steps to equip you with the finest in gear, position you with lures that hook, and help you record your fishing expedition through 'action-packed' photos. We'll even fillet, clean and box up your catch to take home for you!

If this is your first time fishing, you will be delighted with all the support even before you arrive. Your travel itinerary will be loaded with fishing tips, details and questions answered. Upon arrival, you will be greeted and given a quick tour of our world class sport fishing resort before heading out to in pursuit of 'the trophy ones'.

When you return to Shearwater from a spectacular day, you'll be able to share your experiences with other visitors while enjoying a beverage and fine dining prepared by an executive chef Roman Peters. After your meal, feel free to relax under the stars or play some pool in the lounge upstairs before retiring to your comfy and private room for a sound sleep to be up bright and early and hit the water the next day!

Become completely set up and armed with the best knowledge provided by our guides, expect a carefree trip that leaves you seasoned enough to never say that you are new to sport fishing again.

Tidal Waters BC Fishing License Saltwater

Where the world comes to salmon fish, enjoy a pacific safari adventure among the world’s most exotic wildlife and culture. Experience nature at its purest found within the enchanting Heiltsuk Territory. Encompassing 16,658 sq. km land and water, Heiltsuk traditional territory is in unspoiled splendor located on the Central Coast of British Columbia. Striving as respectful stewards of mother nature and mindful partners with the Heiltsuk people, Shearwater embraces the special relationship with all First Nations of the region.

All visitors who are joining Shearwater for an amazing fishing adventure need to possess a federal recreational saltwater / tidal waters with salmon stamp fishing license. This bc fishing license saltwater can be obtained very easily online prior to your trip.

For more information on the Tidal Waters Sport Fishing Licence and how to get yours can be found here.

The online service is user-friendly and takes just a few minutes to complete:

  1. Fill out the secured online form
  2. Pay the required fee
  3. Print your license

You're ready to go fishing!

You can also use the system to renew or replace an existing license. If you don't have a home computer and printer, visit an Internet cafe, a library, or a community centre with public computer access.

Remember - Obtaining your BC fish license is not a suggestion... It's the law.

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Boat Operators Card

All operators of recreational powered watercraft in Canada - regardless of the length of the boat, engine horsepower or  age - require a 'Pleasure Craft Operator Card.' If you wish to guide your own boat then you require being certified before you start your sport fishing adventure at Shearwater.

More information on the Pleasure Craft Operator card and application can be found here:

Or take advantage of our on premis dockside exam for a temparary licence. We recomend to be prepared for tidal waters sport fishing licence.

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