Whale Watching Voyage Ecotours

Truly one of the most unforgettable experience to behold in the Great Bear Sea is the Grey, Humpback, and Killer Whale watching - Pacific white sided Dolphins spotting while in the central coast of the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia! 

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From white-knuckle thrills to awe-inspiring sightseeing as you watch these massive mammals glide through the sea in search for either their next meal or simply teaming on to their next destination, wherever that may be.

The Humpback Whale, a very common sight in the Great Bear Sea throughout spring, summer season, can easily be spotted with its large blow hole exhaling of air while gaining strength to dive deep down to feast on the krill and shrimp located on the sandy bottoms. Humpback whales size can can weigh up to 45 tons and reach up to 49 feet in length.

Killer Whales are a captivating sight to behold; countless times you will find yourself reaching for the camera to capture this witnessed wonder frolicking in their personal playground. Killer whales are 27 feet in length, weighing up to 11 tons, with speeds over 30mph! They eat almost anything that swims in front of their mouth including; salmon, seals, birds, other whales, etc.  

The Pacific White-sided Dolphin is powerful, speedy swimmer and acrobatic. You will often find them riding the bow waves of passing cruise ships and commercial fish boats. Sometimes a 'super pod' numbered up to 200 and the acrobatics will leave you thrilled and wanting more sightings of Pacific White-sided Dolphins.


Lighthouses & Remote Beach Walking


Surround yourself with color and grace while you visit quaint islands with historical lighthouses, light hiking, a fine picnic lunch and Leisurely cruising on the water, await adventurers who opt to take in this rejuvenating yet relaxing day trip.

Departing at 9 a.m., you will take a 1½ hour journey north to McInnis Island. Along the way keep your camera ready for capturing bald eagles and whales which both are frequent travelers of this route.

From there we take you to the sweeping landscapes and wilderness glamour of Ivory Island. Go ashore and partake in the informative ecotour of historic Ivory Island Light House.

Feel free to explore as you trek through the beautiful sights of Ivory Island. Saviour a picnic lunch ashore while you soak up the air. Returning in the late afternoon, back to Denny Island arriving at Shearwater in time for dinner. 


Outer Islands


This exciting voyage begins at 9 a.m. travelling for 1½ hours southwest from Shearwater's Denny Island to the Outer Islands, found just north of Hakai Provincial Park at the gateway into the Great Bear Rainforest​​​​​​​.

You can comb the beaches for pacific treasures, glass balls and debris from the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake tsunami which continues to wash debris ashore all these coming years later. Enjoy a tasty picnic lunch ashore and then take the freedom to explore, swim, hike, or just relax along the beach for the rest of the day. In the late afternoon, your captain will take you on on a scenic cruise back to Shearwater arriving just in time for dinner at the Resort.


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